• Hill Walking in the Angus Glens

Known for its unspoilt countryside, castles and delicious cuisine, Angus in Scotland also has superb trails located all over the Angus Glens. A true walkers’ paradise, the glens offer inveterate hikers miles of picturesque roads that attract not only hill walkers and nature lovers but also cyclists and drivers.

Amongst the glens, you’ll be happy to lose yourself in the lovely moorland colours as you make your way around the winding paths.

So if you’re thinking of holidaying in Angus to indulge in leisurely walks in a rustic setting, here’s an overview of some glens you can explore:

Glen Clova

Glen Clova, located north of Kirriemuir, is the most beautiful of the Angus Glens. In olden times, Glen Clova functioned as a main road from Angus over the Grampians to Aberdeenshire. Now, it makes for an outstanding hill-walking route and also forms part of the Cairngorms National Park.

Glen Doll

Glen Doll is another section of the Cairngorms National Park offering a diverse set of excellent walking trails to explore. A birdwatcher’s haven, Glen Doll has plenty of wildlife to discover for those who have the patience to wait for those moments when nature puts on display its many wonders.

Glen Lethnot

Glen Lethnot is a valley located in northeast Angus, with Glen Clova to the west and Glen Esk to the east. As the smallest and lesser-known of the Angus Glens, the quiet and serene Glen Lethnot is perfect for those who seek solace in nature’s silent embrace.

Glen Prosen

Another glen north of Kirriemuir is Glen Prosen, which is a quiet wooded backwater area. Wild and ruggedly awesome in its beauty like other glens, it’s also a peaceful place without the crowds. Similar to Glen Clova, Glen Prosen is marked with narrow twisting paths. The most highly recommended walk here is the four-mile Minister’s Path, which is filled with moorland views and which links Prosen and Clova.

Glen Isla

The most westerly of the glens, Glen Isla is the only glen with a route for vehicles. It is a perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers, aside from walkers and cyclists. The wildlife reserve at the Loch of Lintrathen houses ospreys in the summer and various wildfowl during winter.

Glen Esk

On the opposite end of Glen Isla is Glen Esk – the one located most easterly of all the Angus Glens. Along its scenic winding road, you’ll find the Glenesk Folk Museum. Here, you can stop by to learn a bit about the local culture and perhaps even pick up a souvenir or two.

Of course, there are excellent hiking trails here, including the one leading to the Queen’s Well – a memorial to Queen Victoria, who loved exploring these hills herself from Balmoral, her royal highland retreat.

Enjoy the Angus Glens

Now that you know the many wonders that await you at Angus Glens, it’s time to finalise your plans and book your accommodation. Enjoy your adventure at Pearsie Lodge!